Have questions? Contact us for more details. 

We are insured, and to ensure safety, all new clients must sign a service agreement. This is for the safety of you, your pet, and Feathers to Flowers.

Allergies? Please let us know so we can accommodate!


House & Petsitting Services: 

Pet Visits: $25 for 30 minutes, $40 for 60 minutes. This is a specialty one on one service. Great for Kitty visits, potty breaks, small animal husbandry. Includes litter boxes/poop scoop, water changes, meals, medication administering, watering plants, alternating lights, or mail/newspaper retrieval. Additional cost may be required if visit needs extending. Have an odd task? Please inquire!

Drop in Plant Watering Service: Professional plant watering service, from Hoyas, to Pothos, Orchids to Tomatoes. Can water, and feed on your schedule. $25 for 30 minutes of plant care while you're away.  

Litter Box Cleaning Service: $18 per visit, or $50 a week for 3 visits to clean your cats box and deep clean it once a week. We'll take the poop with us so you don't have to deal with it! Will need access to a water source. 

In Your Home House Overnight Petsitting: $75 per night, 8 pm to 8 am (adjustments available!). Each additional 30 minute visit is $20. Safe and responsible care for your home, your pets and of course lots of love and snuggles! We sleep over so your pets feel safe and aren't left to their own devices. Great for anxious dogs, seniors, or puppies and dogs who don't do well in boarding facilities. Cats are indifferent to this service, but underneath their exterior, we know they love it too! Let us know if your pet is allowed to sleep on the bed with us!  

Private Small Dog walk: 30 minutes $25. 60 minutes $40. We will go on a neighbourhood stroll, practice manners & leash etiquette and anything else you are working on! This package is for those pooches that haven’t quite mastered walking with a pack or on leash, have some fear issues, or don't get along with others. Great for seniors, puppies, and grumpy bears. 

Pet Taxi Service: Starting at $30 - Drop off and pick up to the veterinary, groomers, or grandma and grandpas for the weekend!

Keys: If keys are not provided during the Meet & Greet, we will arrange to pick up your key for a $10 fee. Drop off fee $10.

Pet Photography Sessions: Please contact for more information. Prices vary.